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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Yesterday, one of my very good friends got free tickets to meet Weezer and go to their concert. Although I'm envious, I'm really happy for her and that she go to go. Why not? I would have wanted her to be happy for me if I got the same opportunity. But what really bothers me are her friends after they found out that she went. They're actually mad at her for going and not being able to take them, and are so upset that they're not talking to her now. I've never met more selfish people in my life. Instead of being happy for her at being able to go, all they can think of is themselves. I know it's natural for people to be jealous and all, but I don't get why they would risk a friendship over something so completely stupid. I guess I'm just more open than most people because I see situations in all aspects, but I just don't get why they could be so mean and hateful over this. It's just a concert. There will be others. Don't get me wrong- I love Weezer and all, and I wish I could have gone. But I'd never destroy a friendship over something like envy or jealousy like this. Although I usually don't get involved in melodramatic soap opera crap, this really irked me.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2001

binky binky!

my binky beads!

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Monday, May 28, 2001

I apoligize if this page is taking long to load, but I can't do much about it. Envy.nu doesn't allow for large off-site linking, so I had to splice the images very small. Hopefully this will change if I get a domain by this summer.

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"Pearl Harbor" was spooky. I thought it was good, but I don't think it was that accurate with a PG-13 rating :P And that had to be the most messed up love story I've ever seen. I won't spoil it, but Evelyn (the female lead) has the worst time making up her mind. I'm suprised both the guys didn't just ditch her. X_x;; And wow...they showed a preview for Lord of the Rings. *drool* That looks so awesome. They showed one scene were a bunch of people were just walking on a mountain, and there was an elf guy who looked so real. You really couldn't tell he was human. ^^ The scenes and pictures just look so good, and they're planning on doing all three sagas. It's due out in December, but I can't wait! *bounce*

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Sunday, May 27, 2001

*sheepish wave* yes Treize, I still read your diary. I actually didn't think you read mine at all. ^^;; Eventhough I don't write in my diary that often, I still come and check yours' and Ian's diary pretty often. It's funny- both of you almost always update at the same time, around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. Kinda like me here. lol.

My dog went out and...frolicked today. It was so cute. He's getting pretty old now (8 years) so I love seeing him try to be a puppy again. ^_^ But I worry about him a lot because his back legs have been giving out on him lately, and he's been having troubling getting up. I think he has some arthritis, so we're going to try giving him some asprin. But my Ty-ty's tough, and he'll be fine. *huggles Ty-ty* ^__^

*listens to the eerie thunder* spooky...I love thunder storms! XD Unlike many people who are scared of them, I find them very soothing, and they help me fall asleep faster. Kudos to thunder storms.

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Saturday, May 26, 2001

I know that posting at Blog*Spot would have it's disadvantages at some point or another, but this is utterly ridiculous. I haven't been able to view my blog for four days. Not to be rude, but...what the hell are these people doing? Making a mass-overhaul of Blog*Spot and putting us users there on a new FTP is all fine and good, but it shouldn't take this long at all. Blogger, you are starting to make very bad impressions on me. ¬_¬

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

We worked on our set up for Grad Night Live in peer leaders today. My brother's a senior, and I know the theme, and he doesn't! I'm so childish. :B Anyway, Grad Night Live is the big bash/party our school has for our senior's each year, and there's always a theme that goes with the party. (kind of like prom, you know?) So this year the theme is about the Middle Ages, and it's Medieval themed. I love it! I made a big banner with gothic letters and I'm helping to set up the "castle" and decorations and such the night before. We actually get professional decoraters and builders to come in and help us too, so it looks really good when everything's all done. Last year the theme was "Mardi Gras" and you wouldn't have even known it was our cafeteria. *starry eyes* I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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Monday, May 21, 2001

*yawn* I didn't go on 'puter all weekend, but played Legend of Dragoon instead. My game kept getting erased last summer when we got it, but hopefully we won't be having those problems now with our new PSX2. *crosses fingers* Now, if I could just spend as much time and energy on my English paper, I'd be all set.

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Friday, May 18, 2001

lol...We got to watch "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail" in English today. It's hilarious! I wonder why I hadn't seen it sooner. I had only heard of it before. It reminds me a lot of "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", with that kind of humor. My favorite kind! :D We didn't get to see the entire thing, but I plan on renting it when I get a chance.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Ohhh....flying cars already. X_x;;;;

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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

I just had to mention this too. RPG makers are so much fun! And this one's really cute. ^^ And yes, I'm well aware that this is intended for children. Do think that'll stop me?! Never!! Mwahaha!! ^__^ I love the GIA.

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Somehow I managed to get the position of Secretary/Historian in our drama club at school today. And my question- exactly how did I get elected?? I wasn't there last meeting, so I guess it must have been then...those sneaky rascals. XD Gotta love 'em. But the seniors...why must they leave!?! *cry, paw, kick* I love our seniors this year, and I'm closer to a lot of them than I am the juniors. T-3 days until they leave. Sometimes I just feel like a bag of emotions. ;_;

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Monday, May 14, 2001

Hey, look kids- it's Colonel "Samurai" Sanders! *roflmao* Those crazy Japanese people. I thank them for their unknown attempts at providing me with simple-minded humor such as this. It's the simple things in life that count, isn't it? XD

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Saturday, May 12, 2001

What's up with blogger not publishing anything? It's been acting screwy for the last few days. Publish, damn you! PUBLISH!!!

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Thursday, May 10, 2001

I got my picture in the paper! That's suprising. Well, not really, considering the pictures are about the play, and I'm in it. ^^;;; My friend Elena knows the photographer guy as a family friend, so we got him to take lots of pictures of us at rehersal. I felt bad- we made him take about 50 pictures of just Elena, Colleen, and me (we're Bobby Soxers). XD But it was good because that meant we actually got a good picture in the paper. Although I'm staring off into space looking bored and uninterested, Elena's rolling her eyes, and Colleen's well...just looking a little ditzy. Shhh...she's sweet, but a little clueless. ^^; Actually, we look pretty funny in it. Tomorrow's opening night! My first musical. I'm so cheesy. ^__^

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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

We're playing the prettiest piece in Orchestra called "Unchained Melody". I love it! ^.^ I think it was in that movie "Ghost" from the 80's with Patrick Swazey and that black-haired chick. That was such a sad movie. Anyway, we're supposed to play it in a few weeks...if all of the seniors haven't deserted us by then. ¬_¬ I know it's all about "spring fever" and "senioritis" right now, but give me a break- you can at least show up for our last concert. Isn't that the reason you're in the orchestra? To play? Freaking unresponsible seniors. I want to get out of our school as bad as the next person, but I think you can manage one more concert. It won't kill you, trust me. Thank you.

This public service anouncement was brought to you by Caitlyn. All rights reserved. If she had any rights, that is. Please keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, and don't stare directly at the sun for prolonged periods of time. We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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Monday, May 07, 2001

I always thought that one of blogger's defining features was a "blog anytime, anywhere" kind of attitude, which is what really attracted me to it. So why am I so boring and always blog at the same time? Although I'm never home after school, I could still blog at decent hours during the weekend. But do I? Nooooo. Most of the blog's I read are about college students like Razynne and Tom who always blog at different times...which is most likely because they don't have "school hours" and after school activities, etc. (Not to say that they don't do anything! ^_~ ) Maybe I'll just screw with my blog timer so it looks like I'm blogging at different times and can be all cool. Or not, because I'm too lazy to do that either. lol.

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Sunday, May 06, 2001

I'm so glad that the summer is coming up and I'll actually have time to do things. During the school year I always feel so uptight and distracted when I go out to have fun because it's like 'oh yeah, I have work to do and school to go to tomorrow' or whatnot. During the summer I don't have to worry whether tomorrow's a school day or how late I can stay out because I have homework to do. That's why I'm much more amicable during the summer. ^__^ That, and the long hours of sleep make me a happy girl. :D Now if only summer weren't so hot, sticky, and buggy, it would be pretty good. Actually...that sounds just like winter, except with the vacation we get in summer. Sounds good to me! ^_^

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Friday, May 04, 2001

This has seemed like the longest week. Everyday rehersals for 5 hours after school and then tech for another 2 can do that to you. I'm utterly exausted. X_x;

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Thursday, May 03, 2001

I'm in utter disbelief- the ice cream truck just went by. Ok, how incredibly random is that? I know it's not a big deal for most people, but the ice cream truck is like the unatainable goal of all goals in my neighborhood. When I was growing up, our street was lucky to be graced by the ice cream truck maybe once a summer every four years. I remember hearing the cheesy "Entertainer" music blocks away and just wishing that it would come to my street. Big stuff for a little kid. Especially me, who's still a little kid. :D Now if only the damn truck would slow down enough so that I could actually get some :P

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Wednesday, May 02, 2001

I want to play Dance Dance Revolution soooo bad. When we were in D.C. we went to King's Dominion (a big theme park) which had an incredibly huge arcade. And when I walked in, I said 'wow'. They actually had the international version of Dance Dance Revolution. For those of you who are inferior-ites and know nothing about DDR...I feel bad for you! ;D DDR is what it says; a really fun and addicting but kinda insane dancing game. Basically there's a big t.v. screen where you pick your character and what song you're going to dance to, and a big metal stage with flashing panels to dance on, strobe lights and 6 large speakers that blare the music. Yes, it's a dancing game where you actually have to dance- they don't call DDR a dancing simulation for nothing! The panels on the stage (there are arrows- and on the t.v. too...those are the "steps" you have to dance to) where you're supposed to step on have to match up with the dance steps that scroll across the t.v. screen in time with the music. Sound confusing? I didn't get it either. I really should have watched someone else do it before I tried, but I'm just smart like that. Yeah. I hadn't played it before, but I had heard of the game. So the aim of the game is to basically beat all the songs (each song has a dance that it's made for) and get a passing grade. Yeah, they grade you. The first time I tried, I failed. Big suprise there, huh? After a few rounds I got the hang of it though- and I passed! :D And it's so addicting once you start to play- you can't stop dancing! lol. It's really confusing at first though. I picked a really faced paced song (only because I liked the song...too bad for me that it was the fastest paced and hardest song in the game X_x ) so I had no idea what was going on. I thought that I was supposed to step my feet in time with the flashing panels on the stage, but I found out later that I made the panels flash, not the other way around. Yeesh. So if you ever do play DDR, start out with a slow song, and work you're way up to the hard, fast-paced songs. Speaking of the songs...that's one of the best parts! The music is catchy J-pop and techno music at it's best! Even the slow songs have strong beats and are just good dance-type songs. Could you expect anything less than that with DDR? Nope! ^_^ Anyway, I really have the urge to play it now ^^;;;;

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Tuesday, May 01, 2001

I love the internet. I was able to sign up for the SATII online last night when most people had to send theirs in by mail on Friday. Nyaha... XD It's so warm now too- I finally got out my big window fan. For some reason hearing something like a fan or rain while I go to sleep helps me fall asleep faster. I'm not sure if the sound comforts me or just makes me feel drowsy. I'm so weird. >;D

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