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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I just watched a really interesting show on hgTV about Asian-style houses and their influences on homes in America. I've always loved how Asian homes look, and really want to use the theme when I get an apartment or a house someday. The homes are very simple yet elegant, and look open and comfortable. I'd especially love to create a zen-type of garden that are so popular over in the East. The pebble walkways with large rock stepping-stones, raked stone gardens, along with ponds and large willow trees are so beautiful to me. *note to self: add "create dream house" to the list of things I must do in my lifetime!*

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Monday, August 27, 2001

Hey Treize, if you need help on books or poetry I'd suggest sparknotes, which is basically the online equivalent of Cliff's Notes, without the cost! :D They give summaries, character descriptions, symbols, double meanings (the stupid "hidden messages" in stories that teachers supposedly say are there) and plenty of explanations. It's very handy and useful, so I hope that helps. XD

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Sunday, August 26, 2001

hmm...according to the human for sale quiz, I'm worth a whopping $1,899,460.00! Although I have no plan to sell myself any time soon, it's good to know these things, eh? Interesting question: would I be able to use my (almost) 2 mil once I've been "sold"? How intriguing. XD

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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

I just switched my old computer for my brother's (he just got a new comp for college) and I can see the differences already. His computer is much faster than mine was, and I've become very excited with some good news. Apparently his computer is fast enough to install a CD burner in it, so I'm saving up for one now. XD And I've affectionatly named my new computer "ichiban". I'm not sure what will happen to compy-chan. :\

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Monday, August 20, 2001

I'm back! XD But gosh I'm tired. Absolutley no child interaction/direct contact with/babysitting with kids for many years after this trip. There were about twenty of my relatives in one huge cabin (which was big enough- very open and pretty) and that included new-born twins, a rowdy 9 and 6 year-old, and a tempermental toddler. And apparently my aunts and uncles felt that I was the perfect candidate for annoying-brat sitting. XP I can't stand children- they smell, they scream, and they take away all the fun things about being older (aka actually getting to have a life and go out and do things). The rest of the vacation was fun, and the lake was very pretty. I even conned my mom and some of my cousins to go trail riding, which was nifty. :D I had a lovely chesnut mare named BK who liked to munch on plants along our trail. ^_^ I'm about to zonk out, so I'd better get to bed. ^^

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Thursday, August 09, 2001

Tomorrow I'll be going to Minnesota (boring capital of the world) with my mom, and I'll be gone until the 19th. We're going to a Lake resort, so I doubt ther'll be any computer's handy. :P Unless I can somehow manage to get my sister to let me use her laptop. XD Oh, if I don't get a chance to reply to you, thanks for the computer tips Ian. ^^ And goodbye my faithful people- let us hope the internet world does not crash in my brief absence. >XD

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Monday, August 06, 2001

I hate when I fight with my mom. >_< We always fight about the stupidest things, and we end up screaming at each other for no reason at all. We don't usually fight that much, but my mom's been around every day now because she's looking for a new job. She quit her old job as a principal, and now she's applying for superintendant or curriculum coordinator at different schools. But she's all nervous about finding one, because we need to make the first payment for my brother's college tuition soon. I've been trying to be helpful and encouraging, but she's starting to stress me out. This morning I asked her if we could go downtown because I wanted to spend a gift certificate I had for a music store, and I wanted to drive (so I don't forget everything before my driver's test). She said fine, and I waited until about 6:00 tonight until I asked her again. She said that now she was "too tired" and that I should have asked earlier. Which I did! >_< Usually I wouldn't mind not going, but I've been cooped in the house for the last two weeks, and I must get out, or I'm going to go insane. ;_; I simply can't wait to get out of this damn house at the end of the week when we leave for vacation. XP

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Friday, August 03, 2001

I managed to free up 300 megs on my computer today, but I'm still having problems. When I reboot, windows always freezes up my desktop, so I can't even shutdown or restart correctly. >_< My brother offered to give me a free 4 gig hard drive if I switched to Linux and ditched Windows, but I don't really want to. I haven't had many problems with Windows up until now (which is only because I had no ram left) so I haven't dubbed it as being as evil as AOL yet. Hopefully I'll get this all fixed before I leave for vacation, or I'll be worrying about it the whole time. :P

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Thursday, August 02, 2001

I heard some scary news tonight...apparently a hitchhicker/serial killer has been on the loose in my town, and he killed one person. x___x;;;; Holy frig, I even know the street he killed the guy on! Luckily he was caught today, but not before killing two other people in New Hampshire too. The story started when a college kid was found missing a couple days ago who lived a few towns away from mine. Totally unrelated, an old caretaker of a motel was found dead in New Hampshire a few days later. Then a day later a man picked up a hitch hiker at night in New Hampshire too, and the hitch hiker pulled a knife on him and told him to drive him somewhere, or else he would kill him. The guy made a smart move by slamming on his brakes and jumping out of the car, running away before the hiker could act. The hitch hiker couldn't find him, and the guy eventually got to a phone and called the police, who found and arrested the hitch hiker. He then confessed to the murder of the guy in our town, the old man, and he eventually told them where to find the body and car of the missing college kid. x___x;; But holy crap that was scary- not only was a serial killer running amuck killing people, but in MY town, and without anyone even knowing it!! @__@ This all happened in the course of about 5 days, but I still can't believe I (or a lot of other people) didn't know about it. Freakish. x__x;

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Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Good news DDR fans! More Dance Dance Revolution games are on the way! XD I've also found some very inexpensive dance pads on ebay. w00t!

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