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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

are you addicted to the internet?

hardcore junkie (61% - 80%)

while you do get a bit of sleep every night and sometimes leave the house, you spend as much time as you can online. you usually have a browser, chat clients, server consoles, and your e-mail on auto check open at all times. phone? what's that? you plan your social events by contacting your friends online. just be careful you don't get a repetitive wrist injury...

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after many days of pacient waiting, i finally recieved my ayumi hamasaki cd's the other day. i ordered her "LOVEppears" cd, and the maxi singles for "vogue" and "far away" from yesasia.com. eventually i want to get the maxi singles of "monochome", "audience", and "m" (i also want "fly high", but it seems to be out of print). i have some of the mp3's, but i always like to support my favorite artists and buy their cd's as well. i adore ayu. she's so cool... she's gorgeous, but realistic. she doesn't look or sound fake like other pop stars i could mention. *cough*britneyspears*cough* and her lyrics are great, in both english and japanese (considering that she also writes all her songs as well). i would give almost anything to see her in concert. *worship* :D

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which my little pony are you?

DUDE! i loved my little ponies when i was younger. i probably still have a huge box of them somewhere around here. :D

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*giggles* (copy and paste the url if tripod is being lame. *kills all free web servers*)

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Monday, February 18, 2002

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Sunday, February 17, 2002

i took the inner dragon online quiz and found out I am a white dragon on the inside.

if there ever was an apparition of balance, power and reclusive intelligence, my inner dragon is it. whites are a fairly common dragon and are considered one of two harmonious dragons. my anti-thesis is the evil black dragon. together, we embody the yin and yang concept of eastern religions (especially taoism).

my inner dragon likes to think things out, plot against enemies, and look down upon the world from the highest mountain peaks. my favorable attributes are the day, the sun, truth, a positive attitude, and helpful magic. humans only need fear me when they stray into my domain without proper tribute. of course, that tribute would probably be a cake the size of a volkswagen, but hey, if they wanted to move through my turf they should have brought it, right? if someone ever really wanted a fight i'd be an impressive opponent, considering i pack a breath weapon combination of fire and lightning. even the nicest dragons can do some serious damage.

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Friday, February 15, 2002

I should be a member of pierrot!

I was meant to be a member of pierrot! I'm not too wild, but not too bland, either -- just the right mix of both, and a well-kept secret.

which j-rock band should you be a member of?

oh, and darren...isn't malice mizer great? both jenny and i find "illuminati" to be our favorite song. ^~ and i see you got dir en grey on your quiz. i lava dir en grey! :D

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i was contemplating writing a list of reasons why valentine's day sucks, but i don't feel like it anymore. most of them people have already heard before, and the holiday's over already. besides, what's the point? as a holiday it doesn't make me at all depressed, but it's completely pointless. and i don't see myself wasting time over something i don't care about.

but anyway, i have better things to think about...like what ps2 games to buy over vacation. *dances* XD

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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

stolen from kate! :D

have you ever been to a wax museum? if so, which one? yes, when i was younger. i don't remember anything else, which is probably a good thing.
do you know what a luna bar is? no.
are you scared of heights? nope. skydiving, anyone? XD
are you hungry right now? no, i just had dinner.
have you ever been face to face with a rattlesnake? no. i try to stay away from wildlife with fangs. :B
did you work today? no. it might help if i had a job, i suppose. ^^;
do you feel more awake or asleep right now? i'm quite tired.
have you ever been to a six flags theme park? no
do you like the smell of cigarette smoke? no, it's a disgusting and rancid smell.
do you like the smell of pot smoke? any kind of drug smoke i find repulsive.
do you own any real stuffed animals? they're all real, as far as i can tell. well, that stuffed dragon does look a little sketchy. XD
do you ever look in the mirror and you don't recognize yourself? sometimes, yes.
do you have a container full of spare change? yes, but it's rolled. i'm a dork. :B
do you have any out of the ordinary talents? i can wiggle my ears. *wiggle* XD
are you tired of the town you live in? yes and no. i like it because it's quiet, but there's also nothing to do here. unless you like fast food restaurants. XP
do you wish it was christmas time again? if it would make people treat eachother more kindly, then yes.
has anyone close to you died recently? thankfully, no.
would you rather be male or female? i'm not sure. both have their pro's and con's, but i'm happy with being a female for the most part. ^^
did you have a nanny when you were young? nope.
have you ever eaten squid? no, but i'd like to!
do you fix elaborate meals often? no. i'm a terrible cook, and most things i make usually turn out burnt a lá mode. ^^;
have you ever gotten severely burned? how? yes, while in florida. my skin's pale, so i always burn instead of tan.
do you know your next door neighbors well? when i was younger.
are you fond of practical jokes? if their tasteful.
do you obsess over nothing? occasionaly, if i'm moody.
have you ever bottle fed an orphaned animal? yes. a kitty. ^^
which country seems the most mysterious to you? the chezck republic. i don't know, there's just something daringly mysterious about messing with a country's name. XD
do you have a nice view from your bedroom window? not really. all i can see is a street and a wall of trees.
do you pay most your bills on time? i don't have any! yay!
do you ever eat raw spinach? no. :P
have you ever sealed a message in a bottle and then thrown it into a body of water? no, but thank you for asking, mr. sparks. XD
would you rather be a politician or a flower child? either, if they promote peace.
is there a nuclear waste site near your home? where our power plant is, i believe.
have you ever been kicked out of a restaurant for being unruly? no
have you been hypnotized? no
are you involved in some kind of treatment program or therapy? nope.
when you think of new zealand, what comes to mind? startling green grass. :O
do you play poker? no, i've never played. ^^;
have you ever gotten inside or behind a waterfall? yesh, and it was wonderfall. XD
do you appreciate simplicity? yes, i love it. i find simplicity very poignant.
do you judge others too harshly? probably. but it's usually because i think other people are judging me even moreso.
do you know how to sew? no, but i wish i did for cosplay. :D
do you believe in angels? ever seen one? no, considering they're not real.
do you donate money to any charities? my family helps run an MDA telethon each year. so yes, i guess so. ^^
do you have a lifestyle completely different from that of your parents? since i'm less than half their age, and i go to school, i'd venture "yes".
have you ever retrieved something desirable out of a garbage dumpster? i haven't stopped to look. -_-
when was the last time you changed a baby's diaper? never, since i refuse to go near babies.
do you like quinoa? i'll have to agree that it sounds too much like "rinoa". :P
do you avoid aluminum? yes, it's my fatal weakness.
if you could eat only one food daily for the rest of your life and not gain weight, what would it be? chocolate, eventhough i'd get sick of it. :9
can you do a handstand? sure, if i try hard enough.
have you witnessed a miracle? no. i don't believe in "miracles" or anything supernatural.
does love make you blind? if i fall in love, i would hope not.
have you ever been hit by the opposite sex? no
have you ever slept in a hammock? yes, many times. XD

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Monday, February 11, 2002

ok, i don't get this. why isn't envy.nu letting my images load? i understand that the site is slow due to all it's users, but this is ridiculous. i've had it with freeservers. :\ i want my own domain.

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Thursday, February 07, 2002

what's your name? caitlyn
what do you wish your name was? yuki! ^^
how are you? peachy.
would you ever eat sushi? the question is, would i ever NOT eat sushi? XD
would you ever eat sushi off a naked body? ...i guess it depends on whose body it is and where the sushi is placed. ^^;
have you considered homosexuality? i've thought about it.
what's your sexual preference? human... no apes or neanderthals, please.
what were you in a past life? if i believed in reincarnation, i'd have to say a horse or tiger.
what's your favorite coffee? mocha frappachino
what's your political perspective? liberal/democrat
do you consider yourself a poet? not really. i've tried writing some before, but even my rhyme schemes look like that of a four-year-old's.
what do you want to be when you grow up? happy and successful, i guess.
what's your favorite fruit? strawberry or kiwi.
what do you think about contemporary art? i'm always willing to look at something different, and i appreciate all forms of art. some doesn't appeal to me as much, though.
do you like being naked? erm, no. i'm pretty self-conscious.
if we had proof god didn't exist, what would happen? for me, i don't think anything would change.
are you left handed or right handed? right
are you smart? i would hope so.
what's your middle name? himitsu desu!
how many personalities do you have? you know as many as i do.
how many piercings do you have? one in each earlope. i'd like to get them double-pierced. wow, i'm dangerous.
are you superstitious? nope
do you read your horoscope? only from astrology books and certain places online. i know, i'm picky. ^~
do you believe in that stuff? i find astrology to be fascinating; however, i do not base any of my daily activities on astrology.
can you do a cartwheel? sadly, no.
do you have contact lenses? on saturday i will. i'll be able to see. ph33r!
do you have a retainer or braces? nope. i'm the lucky one in my family who doesn't have screwed up teeth.
can you drive? badly. ^^;
do you snore? not that i know of.
do you drool in your sleep? probably, yes.
do you like onions? no
do you like cotton candy? no. the sugar hurts my teeth. :X
what instruments can you play? the violin, and the recorder...or what songs on it i can remember from elementary school.
do you like to dance? only when playing ddr!
do you like to sing? yes, i lava singing! XD
do you like to talk on the phone? not really. i never know what to say.
do you like where you live? i don't particularly like my town, but i love new england.
are you organized? i'm better about it in some areas more than others.
are you shy? yes, but not as much as i used to be. i'm extremely shy in crowded social situations.
do you talk to yourself? constantly.
are you a morning person? nope
are you a virgin? ^^;; yes.
are you proud of that? well...i suppose...i don't go shouting it in the streets, however.
do you believe in reincarnation? presently, no.
do you believe in god? no
do you believe in ghosts? no
how old do you wish you were? i'm pretty happy just being my current age.
what will you name your daughter/son? i don't know if i'll have children, but if i did, i'd probably name them something japanese.
if you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would it be? the japanese kanji for "snow" on my ankle.
what color is your floor/carpet in your room? ...it's tan, with olive flecks in it.
what was the last cd you bought? i believe it was a fatboy slim cd called "the norman cook collection".
how did you spend last summer? i spent a few weeks at a lake resort in minnesota with my relatives, and a week with my sister in connecticut.
when was the last time you showered? a few hours ago.
are you tired? yes
are you lonely? no
are you happy? yes, at the moment.
are you wearing pajamas? yes
are you talking to someone online? no
what are the initials of your crush/interest? none, since i don't have one.
what is your astrological sign? sagittarius
what is the sign of your crush/interest? none

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

blech. what abomination decided to give britney spears her own movie? puke.

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Monday, February 04, 2002

...cramps aren't fun. -_-

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you know, people call me odd for not watching the superbowl. even if our team did win, i simply don't care. i can't stand watching professional team sports, so it doesn't really come as a suprise. and i'm not really partial to sweaty men jumping on eachother trying to run after a piece of pigskin either. XP it's not like the superbowl offers much anyway...unless of course, you're a member of the horny male population who watched the playmates. oh, give me a break.

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Sunday, February 03, 2002

which Gackt are you most like?

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Saturday, February 02, 2002

my hobbit name? orangeblossom moss of lake-by-downs. r0axrz.

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jenny and I went and saw "kung ho" yesterday at the movies. it was as hilarious and good as "black hawk down" was horrible and bad. that was the worst movie i have ever seen in my life. it got pretty old after the 300th person got shot, beaten to death, or blown up. i was ready to scream out "stop dying!" after that point. >_< the amount of blood, gore, severed body parts and operations using bare hands was completely disgusting. why would anyone want to see this movie? do they like seeing people die? or just war itself? i've yet to figure it out.

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